punks & thugs

January 12, 2007 § Leave a comment

Mr. Man and I live in the borderlands. Walk three blocks one way and you will find yourself among ridiculously expensive houses in the township of Piedmont (motto: keep our taxes out of their public schools). Three blocks the other way and it starts to feel a little dicey down by the freeway.

Between the ghetto and the gated community. Of course, there are kids from both sides who come through our neighborhood. I’ve had plenty of time to observe and interact with both groups.

On the one hand we have the “thugs”. They are the kids from the ghetto who get the suspicious looks as they get on the bus to go to school, who talk loudly amongst themselves as they walk down the street (dedicated pedestrians), who have no discernible figures under their baggy clothes and who will offer to let me board the bus first or give their seat up so that their elders can sit.

On the other hand we have the punks. They are the spoiled rich kids who have bigger vocabularies than the “thugs” but crowd the bus aisle with their feet, who would rather trip you than move to let you through, who usually don’t have to take the bus, who won’t stop their big cars for pedestrians in the crosswalk and who like to pretend they are better-dressed thugs (no quotes).

Last night I discovered that someone had broken into my truck. Despite there being nothing of value in sight, they pried the door handle out to trigger the lock & took the $6 I had in my ashtray for tolls, a big blue ring I kept around for podiums and other special occasions and the wires to let me use my iPod and charge my cell phone. They took maybe $50 worth of stuff, but they really stole closer to $200 because now I will have to fix the damage to my truck, to say nothing of peace of mind.

Whoever broke into my car wasn’t stealing out of necessity — they did it just to steal. And I bet I know who did it, and who will take the blame.


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