Grimm riding

January 3, 2007 § Leave a comment

This morning Van Halen and I set out through the fog on a little ride before work. True to the sound of their name, Van Halen was a good fairy-tale traveling companion. We headed up through modern day serfdoms and up up up toward the enchanted forest.

Like any good fairy tale, though, it wasn’t going to be easy. At the first fork we chose to take the footpath over the road, and although we appreciated the fence between us and the cars, our good fortune was about to be tested. As we emerged onto the quiet side road that would lead us up the mountain we could see a dragon being led by a young troll. Having spent much of my life around various types of dragons I wasn’t nervous until this dragon began frothing and straining at his rope. I hollered at the dragon instinctively, but that only seemed to excite him and make me feel more like breakfast. Lucky for Van Halen and I, the troll held him back and we passed, feeling a little guilty for my suspicions as I thanked the troll for his firm grip.

My senses were heightened from our encounter, so we decided to push harder as we approached the next crossroads. In our overzealous haze we noted two other dragons beside the road, but they looked so peaceful and friendly that we weren’t nervous despite their being unescorted by trolls or ropes. Somewhere in the back of my mind I realized that we might be approaching the land of Oz

As we reached the magic land where faraway things become near and the invisible appears, the sun broke free and warmed our backs. We flew along the ridge, swooping around corners and cavorting with sunbeams, happy and satisfied with a successful quest.


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