I’m it.

December 27, 2006 § Leave a comment

So I’ve heard this game played two ways: tell the world five interesting facts about yourself or tell the world five facts they did not know about you. Since I can’t guarantee either I’m playing with both rules.

1. This one is for Lauren: I owned a pair of pleather & chain thong panties (underpants is probably a better term, but now it’s gotta be panties…) in the fifth grade. They were a gift from an older, wiser friend. My mom found them and threw them out, but we both decided not to ask the other about it and the whole thing went away.

2. I have had stitches in my face twice and broken or knocked my teeth loose or out four times. Apparently the universe finds it funny to limit all my serious injuries to my face. Ha ha.

3. I once spoke to David Bowie on the telephone.

4. I am absolutely terrified that my life will not amount to anything meaningful, and I’m afraid that my fear prevents my life from having meaning.

5. I used to be really, really into music and knew how to play 11 instruments (i.e. could play from sheet music, not just could make sounds on). I think I could probably still play 4 of them, and one still lives in my closet.

And now it’s my turn…I tag the Yellow Bug, Pab, VeloRainDog (though I don’t think he reads my blog — can I tag someone who doesn’t read my blog?), Ippoc and Holly.

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