December 1, 2006 § Leave a comment

Nothin’ like the holiday season to freshen up the memory-maker. Since last Thursday I have been lucky enough to spend four days with one of my favorite people in the universe. My “Aunt” TeTe is of no blood relation, but when you have someone like her around you realize just how little blood has to do with love and loyalty. She figures prominently in many of my most vibrant memories, from eating my first oyster on the half shell to driving over the Golden Gate with Madonna wailing away to finally mustering the guts to show someone my attempts at a short story to our epic trip to Europe to really pretty much any time I spend with her.

When I first moved from the sticks to the big city I felt like there was no way I could cope with the bustle, no way to acclimate enough to make this place feel like home. Then one day my mother mentioned that she always pictured me moving through the city like a little TeTe when she was in school, wrangling, charming and confident, and I knew what it was going to take to make a place for myself here. The ownership changed — my experience belonged to me instead of controlling me.

So last night we met for dinner at a shi-shi little place in the City and enjoyed some really yummy food and even better company. The new memories mixed with the old and some that didn’t really happen, and today I’m walking with a little more swagger, trying a little harder to live up to it all.

A lot of things can make you lucky.


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