November 14, 2006 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, in the last mile of our wet, wet playin’ hooky ride, Mr. Man got a front flat and decided to ride it home. Neither of us said it, but we were both sure he was going down, especially after he opted to ride the shortest but steepest descent to get home quick.

Halfway down that hill I passed the first stoplight and decided that he should be leading us in case something happened. As I turned my head to check on him and started to slow over a choppy crosswalk, I recognized my bad timing, felt my wheel catch and went limp.

No significant damage, just a bit of a bad attitude on account of losing my clean record. My little Bea is fine, my kit didn’t rip, I’m not even sure I have a bruise and the Beau is kinda traumatized but he’ll make it. I can’t help but wonder, though, how hard do you have to work to get someone else’s mechanical to take you out?

And is this excuse enough to stay off the rollers this week?


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