dreams imitate life

November 2, 2006 § Leave a comment

Last night I had the darndest time sleeping. Just when I was drifting off I would snap back, hearing the distant cries of one of our kitties like a bad omen. I couldn’t tell which one, but since the doors were open and the meow was muffled, and I had seen them both in the living room out of harms’ way before I went to bed, I shook it off and ignored it each time.

Around midnight the auditory apparitions began to include a banging noise. My dream cats were stuck in a thunderstorm? What could possibly be eating at my subconscious so much?

This morning I found the bottom of the linen closet sliding door pushed outward, with some of the fuzzier blankets pulled halfway out. It must have been an epic battle for whoever was stuck inside half the night. And I’m not losing it after all.


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