Surf City observations

October 30, 2006 § Leave a comment

[If you just arrived from the Panda page, this entry might be a little cryptic. Photos and observations are from the 2006 Surf City Halloween cyclocross race — my one and only ‘cross race to date — where I wore a homemade panda costume for both the costume and the women’s c race. And so it began.]

When you darken your eyes like a panda in the daytime, you will look like you lost a fight in the evening.

‘Cross is hard. And sexy?

‘Cross looks a lot easier when you’re watching the videos after the race (see here).

Soft dirt is not actually soft.

There are many ways and reasons to rend one’s clothing. I hadn’t ever thought of this as one of them.

If the urge to stop between the barriers and wiggle to “Hollaback Girl” grabs you mid-race, it is best to ignore that urge. Unless, of course, it is mid-costume-race. Which, sadly, it was not.

Giant strawberries are possibly the best berries fruit on the planet.

Except maybe those farm-fresh fuji apples. Those were good.

Hot glue is an acceptable tail-affixer.

Limping the next day may be a badge of some sort but is rather inconvenient.

Mr. Man is quite the videographer. And the photographer.

I want this doggie.

Fake blood can be a very scary costume when worn at a bike race.

Western themes are to tandems as Vanderkitten is to meow.


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