Ready, set…

October 27, 2006 § Leave a comment

…zzzzz. It’s strange to think that my “rest” month is almost over. Between trying to fit in all the visits that I neglected during the season and try to have a little fun (like…running?) this little break hasn’t felt very relaxing per say, but I am definitely mentally ready to start training again in earnest.

Meanwhile, though, I’m pretty sleepy. Mornings coat our little apartment with fog and cold; the effect is breathtaking but not exactly conducive to getting me up and going in the morning. Next week I will start riding one morning each week, so I better get used to that whole getting up in the dark thing soon. My mantra? “No more rollers, no more rollers…”

Ah, the things that preoccupy me while I’m at work (being out riding, enjoying the sunshine I can see outside), as opposed to the things that preoccupy me while I’m at home (how selfish is my lack of action regarding issues I care about, is the amount of time I spend pedaling my bike for recreation, are my preoccupations about myself…?). So different but equally out of moment.

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