Foxy Fall Century

October 18, 2006 § Leave a comment

On Sunday the Mister and I dragged our sorry backsides out of bed in the dark to go ride the Foxy Fall Century with my Dad. We did the metric version in good time, but it feels like forever since I’ve been in the saddle that long. Yeowch.

When my brothers and I were little I remember Dad riding his bike. He even has a trophy for one ride he did while pulling two of us in a little trailer behind him. For a while he stopped riding to focus on raising us, but he always had the old gold Rampar hanging out, ready for action.

When the Mister got me involved in cycling we decided to fix the ol’ Rampar up for Father’s Day one year. Since it had two flat tires, a semi-tacoed wheel, barely any seat and cobwebs all over it I figured it would be safe to leave it locked in the camper of my truck, tucked under a blanket overnight. Not so much — someone went through the trouble of breaking in to get at it. Dad always said it was a classic…

From there we bought him an older Schwinn le Tour (now there’s a classic), and when I got my hot little hands on my beautiful ‘Bea Dad got my Giant and he’s still riding it, with a few improvements to make the ride more comfortable. The next step is in progress: he and Mom bought our tandem and they’re making huge strides on it, but that’s a story for a different post.

The ride was a beautiful way to spend a Sunday. In the spirit of mobile blogging we brought the camera, but the photos are at home. More tonight!


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