Things I’ll do for my "vacation"

September 14, 2006 § Leave a comment

1. Spend a few days trying to ease the night-before freakout — packing, cleaning, copying keys, remembering to pick up hostess gifts…

2. Will my damn ankle fixed!

3. Try to load up on sleep enough to make it through the jet lag in one night.

4. Create a public list of things I need to do so that I’ll hopefully really do them.

5. Be “on” for six days of visiting with my Love’s family.

6. Keep my eyes open for a little something for our lovely friend and kitty-checker.

7. Try to divine the weather 3,000 miles away.

8. Convince myself that mountain biking won’t be any different from road riding and that I won’t automatically end up with a face full of Pennsylvania mud.

9. Oh, and I guess I should try to get things settled at work, too.

10. Eat.

11. Drink (though not as much as we’ll eat).

12. Figure out when I’m going to get a rest after my vacation…


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