Is that an apple in my sock…

September 11, 2006 § Leave a comment

or am I just happy to see you?

Now I’ve never been known as a graceful girl, and truth be told most people who knew me before I started riding laugh when told that I’m a pretty steady rider. My track record with balance and gravity is spotty at best, laughable at worst.

So this weekend — the beginning of my off-the-bike rest — I decide that we should head out to a local park for some trail running. I’ll admit, I thought that with my hiking & backpacking experience I would be fine with the uneven surface. That was my first mistake.

Within the 45 minutes that we were “running” (which for me is more of a wounded shuffle than a majestic lope even under the best of circumstances) I crashed. Twice. The first time I hit so hard the little old man we had just passed turned around and started toward me before realizing that my baby had it under control (and that I was already mortified nearly to death).

In hindsight, finishing the run after such an asupicious start was probably my second mistake, but there may have been more that I missed while trying desperately to avoid additional nose dives. The pink kitty boo-boo buddy that VG gave me after Livermore Hills and tmy trusty Boy Scout Handbook were my couch buddies for the rest of the afternoon, and today I’m still trying to will the swelling back down to normal. Maybe this is nature’s way of enforcing my “break.” Rats.

Oh, and that’s not my ankle up there, but I am happy to see you.


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