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September 6, 2006 § Leave a comment

So I may have lied about the whole couch thing. I didn’t mean to, it just happened…

Yesterday one of my coworkers had to cancel on a dinner hosted by one of our clients. Since the other attendee is about my age & also female, I was the next on the wingman list. I scurried home to change and came back just in time to go to this fancy restaurant for an evening at the chef’s table. Six people total (not the twenty I was planning on) meant that my plan of disappearing into the woodwork didn’t go as planned, but it was a good group and they didn’t talk about any business I didn’t understand (which is most of it).

The chef’s table is a nifty little idea — nine little samplers of super-gourmet foods, all explained by the head chef, and you got to sit in the kitchen to boot. Where else would you get scallops, duck, steak, crab, saffron sorbet and cheesy foam in the same place? I even got to wear a little chef’s jacket and make the desserts, though I think they have another real kitchen off somewhere else; the one we were in was way too clean to be the everyday kitchen.

So today I’m a little partied out, but feeling fat & sassy after all that food and wine. Man, I won’t even start talking about the wine, except to say that it was good and I may have had a little too much. Luckily the clients had started before us so I don’t think they noticed my fog through theirs…

And tonight another coworker and his lady are cooking dinner for us — I have been told it will be “little steaks.” Careful, people, I could get used to this kind of social spoilage.


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