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August 9, 2006 § Leave a comment

Someone got a haircut yesterday and looked distinctly like a Q-tip this morning. The damage looks like it has been controlled at this point, so long as the air retains its stillness and (lack of) humidity.

Only a few days left until Manhattan Beach! So far no big guns on the reg list are from anywhere other than nor-cal, but that’s not to say I expect it to be easy. Last weekend’s racing was just the experience that I needed to feel ready and really get excited about this thing. Some of my favorite people will be there to watch, too, for extra inspiration. Gotta look good (hear that, hair?)…

Been thinking about the game a little more since this post. Realistically I think one of my big strengths is knowing what pieces my opponents have in play and using that information to read the board. In practice I am mostly an easily-read rook who wants to be a sneaky knight or a game-making bishop, and who is learning to be a pawn.


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