the first kitty post

August 4, 2006 § Leave a comment

Our house is a little like a fairy tale: the perpetual battle between good and evil is fought through the characters of the fluffy white and the shifty black cat. Most of the time evil (to be fair, he’s really more wicked than evil) seems to have the upper hand, waiting behind corners to pounce, chasing through shadows and digging little claws, sharp “love” nibbles, all while good sleeps soundly or cries for a bit more food in his dish.

Truth be told, the bad little kitty is more fun, and he makes a bigger effort to be endearing. Then again, maybe the good cat would do the same if the bad one didn’t constantly stand guard over “his” people, swatting away anything that could come between he and his prey. He is meticulous, this one, to the point of laying on the floor beside my bed as I sleep and chasing away any possibility of interference.

Good does have his heart in the right place, though; you can’t help but love him, despite his needy & unassuming exterior. Most of the time he is asleep or defending himself from the little demon-cat, but once in a while he really pulls it out and shows the little fella who’s boss. They cuddle together for a few days before someone (guess which one…) starts to get restless again and heads for a dark corner to await his next opportunity. And so the saga continues.


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