hormonally yours

July 27, 2006 § Leave a comment

So…it’s Floyd.

I find it interesting that he tested positive for a more “natural” performance enhancer (hormone vs. EPO or steroids)…I wonder whether his hitting the wall that hard in the mountains the day before could have caused his hormones to go out of whack to try and compensate? Can the tests distinguish between synthetic & natural hormones?

From my own experience I know that I feel waaaaaaaaay out of whack after getting laid wide open on hot days, and it doesn’t feel so very different from certain times that I’m definitely hormone-wild. I can see the possibility of a body-rebound phenomenon. Then again, I can also see the possibility of a very expensive vial of T — he did look awfully punchy at the end of that stage. At the time I figured he just needed a little space to breathe.

Speaking of things that start with T, how about his mom’s quote? I love what she said about temptation. Equating the degree of his temptations to hers or anyone elses, just in a different area keeps it all in perspective; some people may be mad as hell or feel like the world just collapsed, but it is after all just a bike race. And he is, after all, human like the rest of the world, good and bad and sometimes both.

And one way or another, that ride took big big balls.


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