July 7, 2006 § Leave a comment


On the one hand I am really excited for this weekend. Our pre-ride of Mt. D went well, I feel like I am ready to face the hillclimb, and I loooooooove that crit. The legs feel good, I just had a little vacation, our new baby snake arrived & he’s all healthy-looking (not like the last one), there will be barbequeing this weekend…hell, I even just got a super-cute new pair of shoes! Couldn’t ask for much more.

Then, this morning, an email in response to my questions to Casey & the promoter about getting the SR results fixed & available for upgrades and BAR. The promoter who really loved seeing me miss the protest took it upon herself to claim that I didn’t approach the officials to change the results until “hours” after the protest period was over. Not so much…I approached them no more than thirty minutes after and they were fixed before the end of the hour. Only one person had even signed out their prize (sadly, the one that counted).

So now the verdict is that not only can I never use any of it, but she gets to use my placing to boot. I did send a reply stating what really happened and the time frame, but somehow I doubt that I’m going to get the benefit of the doubt in this one.

So close to going into the weekend with no bad juju. Shake it off, hon…


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