quick switch

June 29, 2006 § Leave a comment

Aaaah, time for a big sigh of satisfaction. Tuesday at the Parkway was a success as far as I’m concerned. After coming home to find that our little runt snake didn’t survive his shed I was a little worried about that setting the tone for the rest of the night. A little bit of managerial confusion at the start gave way to a lot of hooting and hollering, and of couse pizza & beer. I even stayed awake for the whole movie. Of course, Alicat was the epitome of calm & cool, and nothing would have happened without her.

Yesterday I’d planned to bask a little in not having much to do, but work caught up with that plan and beat it into submission. It apparently also plotted with my back, which gave out that morning, so now I’m rethinking my plan to head out to Leesville this weekend. Breath-taking back cramps in the middle of nowhere at a bike race? Not hot.

In trying to get my finger back on the pulse of the local scene I read a race report from the Pescadero 35+ 1/2/3 race winner. All sat well with me until the end. Apparently a racer with a little more weight than Mr. Man himself was finishing at about the same time and Mr. Man felt this other racer got in the way of our winner’s finish.

Now being a little put out about that is all fine and good, but there’s no need to call the finisher names or speculate on his experience level because he was finishing at the same time. I believe Mr. Man’s description was “a visibly fat cat 5 type.” There’s no mention of anyone having tried to alert the rider that someone was coming, either, so who’s even to say that the guy he railed on was aware of someone behind him? I know that I was a little startled by some of the deaf riders on that hill, but everyone else who passed made sure to sound the alert before they got to me. Making it personal seemed a little nasty and low-class to me. I’m sure there are more gracious race reports they could have used.

And, finally, the saga continues: Santa Rosa results are up!…and I am listed in fifth place instead of second. So I’m back in touch with the race director who didn’t like me then and I’m guessing doesn’t like me now, because there’s no way I’m letting this bad boy go yet.

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