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June 6, 2006 § Leave a comment

Today is 6/6/6 and Blogger is on the fritz — coincidence?

Okay, you got me, that was just a way to take up an extra line without engaging my brain.

Moving on to sweet nothings, after a couple of chances to get things off my chest and into the open this girl is feeling ever so much better. It’s amazing what a few hours (not necessarily consecutive) of honesty without a fear of offense will do for the spirit.

So my head and heart are a little clearer just in time for the primary. Hooray. Which brings me to something that started chewing at me a few nights ago. There is a certain candidate for public office in the problematically lovely city of Oakland whose son has been accused of raping not one, but two women. Two. Independently of each other. Not that raping one woman would be any less heinous, just that a pattern is implied.

In his campaign statement the father puts tremendous emphasis on the importance of and his dedication to crime prevention & control in our fair city. I find a conflict of interest; how dedicated to crime prevention can a man who raised a rapist be? What kind of underlying current causes that behavior?

I don’t mean to dismiss the son’s role in the act, but after years of working with parents who are much more concerned with their “coolness” in the eyes of their children than about raising decent human beings, I definitely think that part of that is a product of nurture. So if this gentleman didn’t make sure his child understood that you do not rape, I find it difficult to trust that he’ll be effective in any other position of power. Mind you, I’ve never been a parent, and maybe that’s just me, but I just can’t move past this.

And he’s supposed to be on the good side…


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