week of rest

June 5, 2006 § Leave a comment

Finally! I didn’t think I really needed it yet until this past weekend. Over the past two days, though, it became really clear that no matter what I wanted to do, a certain spark was dimming. There was definitely a new type of magic to take its place, but with another three plus months (!) left to go I’m opting to let the fire hum a little softer for a few days.

What to do with all the extra hours, though? All the neglected things, of course: the laundry; the bathroom (irk); the dishes; the vacuum; the checkbook; the practical. But then…maybe the less-than-practical? Perhaps a little extra reading, a little more snoozing, even a bit of quality food in-house. Sheesh, with all that extra time I could probably even go catch a movie that ends before my bedtime. If I really get my act together we might even make it to those chores that have up to now existed only in the “yeah, right” category; shopping for a leash/harness combo to exercise the fat cat, anyone?


And in other news, this whole breakaway thing is really starting to appeal to me. I have yet to get the timing down (and don’t start me on the pacing aspect), but damn, it’s a sweet thing to just move on out into the wind and not hold back. At times maybe not a smart thing, but so so nice.


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