what the hell was that?!?

May 30, 2006 § Leave a comment

Uf. Apparently there’s a time warp somewhere on the back stretch of that little loop of road…not even the glitter could save me. After several laps of reminding myself where my “jump” landmark was and psyching myself up something snapped on that second lap to go; people were stretched out on the front with a little gap, I was positioned well & rearin’ to go, and there was my landmark. Autopilot kicked in & took over according to plan: through the corner first & floor it. Thank gawd I didn’t throw my little fists up in the air as the bell started clanging.

So this month’s lesson seems to be acceptance. The last several races I’ve had some big lessons about how I can improve as a racer, but the overriding thing I’m taking from all the snafus is the ability to roll with it. It’s still only a bike race, & I only have to wait another week (if that) to seek revenge. And I can feel everything coming together under the surface, just rippling along with another three plus months left in the season; one of these days it’s all going to get to the same place at the same time. Redemption. Until then, I just hope no one’s laughing at me — silly girl.

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