Devil in a blue suit

May 11, 2006 § Leave a comment

Apparently the guy in front of me at the BART gates “waited” for his zero value ticket to go come back up and out of the machine. Since his ticket wouldn’t be returned to him, he was actually waiting for my $25 ticket to come back up. And come back up it did. Right into his dirty, waiting hand and then to his nice suit pocket. It looked new or freshly dry-cleaned.

BART’s response? No way to recoup the losses, “it’s like losing cash”. Last time there was a group of hoods taking people’s wallets and real money BART threw a fit. Turned out it was a group of not so well-to-do teenagers who preferred the West Oakland station. Guys in suits ripping off commuters in Embarcadero? Whatever. My loss. Happens all the time, they said. Some people know they can scam like that, nothing they can do (when the people walk around in nice blue suits looking well-off). Apparently that’s BART’s type of crime.

Better not
Alert us to
Rich folk making

The Elf is miffed.


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