whipping post

May 10, 2006 § Leave a comment

Last night was another ride at the port with the boys. Headed over an hour early to determine whether I have the ability to pace myself for a 10-mile ITT. Couldn’t even figure out what a fast time would be for that distance…twenty minutes? Thirty? How fast can girls go? No idea, but I managed to pick a speed higher than expected and that I could hold in the headwind at a not-too-high heart rate. Ran out of songs to sing to myself at what I’m sure was not ten miles into it. Better get to that all-important song-in-my-head training. A little Erasure, a little Cure, maybe, I should probably get the Spice Girls on standby just in case the situation gets desperate.

Then, after a few laps of “pacing” and a few much better laps of catching up with friends, the pack showed up and the real ride started. For once I didn’t feel like I was being left behind in the first couple of surges. New guys said “hi” when they came up beside me in the rotation, like I was actually a player there. And the first rest laps I took were inspired by a friend’s invitation, not by a large expanse of air and pavement separating me from the pack. I even had the breath to tell her I was coming with.

Fun, joy, competence. At 30mph. Who would have guessed?

The next several laps went pretty much the same as the rest of those nights: suffer hurt gap chase chase chase gone rest pack approaching speed up move faster coming wheel different wheel where’s a wheel back of the group turn move up before next turn little rise wind suffer hurt gap chase chase hand gives push (thanks man) dream of rest chase chase chase chase can’t get dropped after that push chase SPRINT! on finally move up before next turn…repeat.

But the first couple laps made the rest just so worth it. My little tail is still waggin’.


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